How to Communicate Better!

We love connecting with other people because it makes us happy—good communication is the key when it comes to positive social interaction.

But what does a healthy conversation look like? How can you avoid over-communicating? And how can you improve communication in a romantic relationship?

Interactions with people can be verbal or nonverbal—we can even connect with each other through a smile. A vital element of positive social interaction, however, is good communication. But what does that signify?


A communication model usually involves a sender, a receiver, and a (verbal or nonverbal) message which is encoded by the sender and decoded by the receiver. It also includes feedback, the response of the receiver to the message, as well as noise, which is anything that can disrupt communication.

Encoding refers to the sender transforming thoughts into communicable messages. The receiver interprets what they receive as the message—both verbal and nonverbal parts. Although this seems simple in theory, as you can imagine a lot happens in between and no message is ever decoded without bias.

We must know how to pick up on these signals that are shown to us. Communication is a subject that varies in talking, body language as well as socially. So let’s start listening more than speaking if possible such as said that we need to be “swift to hear; slow to speak and slow to anger” (James 1:19) because human anger does not produce good communication skills to where we become blinded and cannot speak clearly to get across what is being said for us to be understood.

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