Are you in charge of your future?

I am in charge of my future.

I hold myself fully responsible for the life I live. My future is entirely in my hands, and I avoid putting that responsibility on anyone else. I am the person in charge of my future.

I have a set of goals that I use to guide my decisions. My time is allocated according to my goals. When I know my goals, and dedicate my time to them, I am creating my future. This is very clear to me.

I take responsibility for dealing with setbacks in my life. The road to my future can be bumpy, but I am okay with that. I find solutions and execute them. I stay on the path to the future I have designed.

I determine the people I allow into my life. Some people make my plans more likely to happen. Others are more likely to get in the way of my plans. I control which people come into my life, which people stay, and which leave. I am in charge of my future, and this includes determining which people are in my life.

I avoid blaming others for the challenges in my life. Blaming others is failing to take responsibility. Blaming my circumstances is also a failure on my part.

Today, I accept full responsibility for my life. I insist on being in charge of my future. I am creating the life I desire.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my five biggest goals for the next five years?

  2. What can I start doing today to achieve those goals?

  3. When do I fail to take responsibility for my life? Whom or what do I blame?

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