Survive Your Divorce and Learn to Live Joyfully Again!

Divorce is an unfortunate challenge that many people will face during their lifetime. While divorce is unpleasant and can create feelings of doom and gloom, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Divorce is a type of rebirth that can bring joy into your life. Divorce is only the beginning.  

Grab your journal and answer these questions to gain a better perspective of how to survive and thrive during and after divorce: 1. Do I have the professional help I need to navigate a divorce successfully? Who do I know that can help? 2. What is my current financial situation? What can I do to prepare myself for the future? 3. How will I present the divorce to my children? How can I get my spouse on board and present a united front? 4. What do I enjoy doing? What are some new things I would like to try that sound fun to me? 5. How can I improve myself and enjoy myself at the same time? 6. What can I learn about myself from my relationship? What changes do I want to make for the future? 7. What did I like and dislike about my partner? What kind of partner do I want in the future? 8. What is my compelling vision for the future? Can I describe it to myself in detail? 

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